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    Adopt a Family Project




    by Simón and Fabian

  • About us

    We are a non-governmental and non-profit organization that make use of cryptocurrencies to make a difference in the world.

    Through technology and education, we make people help themselfs.

    Our philosophy is to directly help people in all stages of life in terms of money (to buy food) and education, based on
    "Give a Man a Fish, and you Feed Him for a Day. Teach a Man to Fish, and you Feed him for a Lifetime"


    How this project works

    The philosophy behind this project is to reach as many people as possible but at the same time support them for at least one month with some basic money - mainly for food.
    Why? To give them a breather during these chaotic time to focus on further things, to stregthens themself and of course give them some hope.

    Click here for full article about how this project works


    Our Mission

    To inform about the economic and social situation of Venezuela.


    Demonstrate that through cryptocurrencies a change can be made in the world.


    Helping people who are having trouble getting food because of the humanitarian crisis.


    Educate our beneficiaries in the basics regarding the operation of blockchain and cryptocurrency.


  • Articles

    Here is where you find information about cryptocurrencies, project's development, economy and our distributions

      ​Article (Project): How cryptocurrencies changed my life in Venezuela

    See here the story of one of the project's initiator - Simón, and how cryptocurrencies changed his life to the better in Venezuela.

    More Info Here

      ​Article (Educational): How cryptocurrencies impact and how to use in Venezuela​

    An informative article to explain the social and economic situation.

    More Info Here

    Article (Project): Milestone 1 reached

    Thanks to some very generous donations from our beloved friends and dear followers out of the Banano-community, some more plus a personal friends this project is able to support another family

    More Info Here

    Article (Educational): Creating a Nano Wallet

    Creating a wallet for NANO is very easy and can be done within minutes.
    This article will show you two different methods.
    The first method is based on a wallet for a PC — here distinguished between an online wallet and a desktop wallet.
    The third for a smartphone with Android.

    More Info Here

    All of you a great and healthy start into year 2019!
    Simón and I have some nice plans, some developments already ongoing and some new competitions ahead as well for you and more important —
    with you.
    As well we like to
    receive more feedback of our donors & community and like to stay more in touch with you.

    More Info Here

    “Why NANO? — They are over two thousand listed cryptocurrencies today!”
    Yes, that’s right! But if you have a deeper look into their underlying protocol or at their network (in fact most of them don’t have an own network and depend on third party platforms).

    More Info Here

      ​Article (Project): Christmas time in Venezuela - gift time (Photo-Story)

    See here the story of the first made distribution, thanks to our community and their donations.

    More Info Here

      ​Article (Educational): Current situation in Venezuela

    An informative photostory, commented from Simón, who live in the situation.

    More Info Here

    For me, as a European, it was hard to grab, what hyperinflation means.
    As well it’s hard to imagine how it’s like when the rate of your currency impacts the amount of food you can buy the next day with the rate of today.
    Imagine not knowing, if today's income will feed you and your family tomorrow.

    More Info Here

      ​Article (Project): Another crypto mirracle -again- in Venezuela (Photo-Story)

    See here the next photo-story of the second made distribution, thanks to our community and their donations.

    More Info Here

      ​Article (Project): Living on Crypto, feedback from our family #2

    Carla and we (Project: "Adopt a Family") will share our experiences with you, made with supporting family #2.

    More Info Here

      ​Article (Project): "Adopt a Family" project's food distribution campaign #3 (Photo-Story)

    For the third time this project were able to start another food distribution in Caracas/Venezuela. This time as a full community event.

    More Info Here

      ​Article (Project): Current situation in Venezuela, a bref overview from a guy from Caracas

    See here the latest news and developments about crisis in Venezuela at date of writing (23 February, 2019)

    More Info Here

      ​Article (Project): When charity changes the lives of those who receive it

    A short report of Fabi and her family and her daily struggle to cope with life in Caracas/Venezuela with help of this project.

    More Info Here

      ​Article (Project): Food distribution via cryptocurrency in childcare center in Venezuela

    For the fourth time this project were able to start another food distribution campain. This time in a childcare center in Caracas/Venezuela.


    More Info Here

      ​Article (Project): Food distribution via cryptocurrency in retirement castle in Venezuela

    For the fifth time this project were able to start another food distribution campain. This time in a retirement center in Caracas/Venezuela.


    More Info Here

  • We want to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH to every person who has supported this project

    Banano community, Nano Community and our friends and families

  • Media

    See here some videos and media related to the project

    How Nano works vía (Nanocenter.org)




    We found this guy with a broken leg eating from the garbage. We made his day with a good and healthy lunch



    Flyer of the December 2018 distribution #1 and #2 as well as February 2019 distribution campaign #3



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    Since the project deployed the NANO-cryptocurrency, every donated cent will reach us and our supported families (No fees at all!)

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